James Steeber
James M. Steeber
Photographs in Shoeboxes

Photographs in Shoeboxes


About Me

James Steeber was born in Aruba to photographic and photogenic parents. Photography was a part of his consciousness from earliest childhood. At the age of four he was given a camera which produced pretend photographs, much to his chagrin. He aimed the lens at his mother, and a picture of a horse, albeit in color, was produced from the camera.

Steeber's first true camera was in his hands by the age of five, and he was experimenting with a Polaroid Land Camera by the age of seven. His first formal instruction on the matter of photography and lab work was received at the Dayton Art Institute and instigated a long love affair with the medium.

James Steeber is a portraitist and artist.

Portrait Work

Steeber is a highly-successful portrait artist with a focus on emotive and dramatic work. This ability has served him in various jobs where photography could always be asserted as a bond between people.

Scenic Work

James Steeber has had a long-standing fascination with architecture, form, and light. His work reflects a desire to rebuild the very form he observes, with light and shadow.
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